Focus, or lack thereof.

For whatever reason, when life gets busy, my muse deserts me. April is a busy month for all sorts of reasons that I won’t get into, but I’ve learned something from all this.

I’m not mentally or emotionally agile.

When things get rough, it takes me a while to settle back down. I’ve tried so many things to get my mojo back (reading, watching movies, feel-good music), but so far nothing’s working. I was able to finish Chapter 6 after a short block, but now the block is in place again. This time it feels like it’s worse, like I’m suffering some kind of writing post partem depression.


Dark Fantasy Scribophile Group

Scribophile has been a really great resource for me ever since I joined a couple of months ago. It’s been getting me in the right frame of mind to approach my WIPs again. I actually went ahead and created a group there because I got tired of repeatedly searching for works to critique. So far it’s proved extremely convenient for myself and others. Well, at least I think so. 😉

Once I upload Chapter 3 of TE, I’ll reward myself with a premium account so then I’ll finally be able to save in-progress critiques!