In an effort to improve my writing productivity, I’ve decided to try outlining. I’ve always written from the seat of my pants, but I’ve noticed that after a while, I lose steam after a few chapters. So this time, my goal is to make loose outlines that target character instead of plot goals. I’m working on a novella set in the world of Akhirah called Eliese and the Veil. It’s been one of my projects for years now, at least five, and for some reason I feel like picking that one up first.

I just upgraded my MAC OS to Big Sur and some of the bugginess is well… bugging me. The most annoying one of all is the 1 pixel gap under the menu bar. I’m dipping my toe back in Scrib, but so far I’m procrastinating with crits. Critting takes such a big chunk out of my time and right now, I’d rather use whatever free time I have to work on my WIP.

And…it’s October

I’m slowly getting my life together. I finally finished my bachelor’s degree in August and I’m still kind of feeling the after shocks of a major shift in my life. It was a 14-year struggle and it’s finally come to an end. My immediate goal is to get back into reading regularly and then getting back on Scrib. I can’t believe I’ve been away for two years. I’ve missed writing so much, I feel like I hardly know how to write a sentence anymore.


I’m thinking about joining the AuthorTube community on Youtube but I’m really anxious about it still. I’m hoping to make a decision by the time I graduate at the end of August. For now, I’m just browsing the channels and so far I like Kate Cavanaugh and Alexa Donne to name a few.

My biggest issue is I already have a channel on Youtube but it’s under my non-author identity. If I make a separate author account, I won’t be able to have my own custom URL. Hhmm, but is that really important? Maybe I should just consolidate? Ugh. I don’t know.

The Imagination Switch

It’s occurred to me that I’m not an agile thinker. When I write, I have to be completely immersed in my imagination. That is, if I want to produce my best writing, of course. It helps when my senses are immersed as well. For example; seeing snow outside, feeling the brush of silk against my skin, hearing whispering gusts of wind, smelling hints of sandalwood in the air, tasting warm honey on my tongue, etc.

When I’m totally immersed, that’s when I love writing the most…because I feel like I’m in another world.

But realistically, I find it very difficult to immerse myself on the fly. For instance, I have an hour lunch break at work. From buying my lunch to actually eating it, I would’ve taken 25-30 minutes already. That only leaves me with half an hour. Now, in the past, I would be able to churn out maybe 500 words in half an hour. Nowadays, it takes me the same amount of time just to “immerse myself” in the writing mood.

After I get off work and get home, I have to take care of dinner and sometimes laundry, along with my almost three-year-old. It’s extremely hard for me to get into the “write” frame of mind whenever my daughter is running amuck in the house. So realistically speaking, the only time I can write when I get home from work is when I’ve put my daughter to sleep at around 9 or 10 PM. At that time, however, I’m exhausted.


Maybe I can eat at work and then take my hour break? If that works out, then I can, at best, crunch out around 1,000 words in an hour. Even if it’s only 500 words per day, it’s better than nothing.

Letting the characters drive the story

Lately I’ve been working on The Exoneiric. I had gone on a break because I was hospitalized last year and then I got a new job earlier this year. When I came back to writing, I got all the way up to Chapter 10. Though, as I continued to write, I knew I wasn’t happy with how the story was developing. I felt like it was missing something.

So…I started over. Not completely, but almost. I modified Chapter 1 a bit according to a few critiques I received. I modified the plot so that the characters are in the front seat, so to speak, driving the story. Characterization was never my strong suit but I’m learning as I go. As of now, I’m working on Chapter 6.

Some days it’s a struggle because either the world or the character’s themselves elude me. And that’s what I’m working hard on now—world-building and characterization. I don’t force myself to write anymore because whenever I do that, my writing suffers terribly. For now, my muse switches between a slow burn and a raging fire. So long as the flame is lit, I’m happy. 🙂

2nd Writing Site + Online Class

On a whim, I decided to purchase a one year membership for SFF-OWW. They improved their critiquing system a little bit so I’m happy about that. There’s not a whole lot of activity still, but I’m hoping I can find some fellow writers to share crits with, eventually.

Anyway, I’m starting an online class next Monday—Introduction to Drawing. I’m excited!
Ready for class!

It’s a rule.

“It is hard to wear a gun in St. Louis in the summertime. Shoulder or hip holster, you have the same problem. If you wear a jacket to cover the gun, you melt in the heat. If you keep the gun in your purse, you get killed, because no woman can find anything in her purse in under twelve minutes. It is a rule.”

Excerpt From: Laurell K. Hamilton. “Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter #01 – Guilty Pleasures.”

New Job + Going Back to School

Beginning March 1, I’ll be starting my new job and then a few weeks after that, I’ll be going back to school after a year-long break (not by choice). I definitely have a lot of anxiety at the prospect of these two major events and with that anxiety comes the instability of my writing mojo.

I was on a roll with TE. I’m working on Chapter 10! I never knew I could even get this far. But here I am. I’m scared that I might not be as productive with writing once March hits but I hope I can figure something out.