In an effort to improve my writing productivity, I’ve decided to try outlining. I’ve always written from the seat of my pants, but I’ve noticed that after a while, I lose steam after a few chapters. So this time, my goal is to make loose outlines that target character instead of plot goals. I’m working on a novella set in the world of Akhirah called Eliese and the Veil. It’s been one of my projects for years now, at least five, and for some reason I feel like picking that one up first.

I just upgraded my MAC OS to Big Sur and some of the bugginess is well… bugging me. The most annoying one of all is the 1 pixel gap under the menu bar. I’m dipping my toe back in Scrib, but so far I’m procrastinating with crits. Critting takes such a big chunk out of my time and right now, I’d rather use whatever free time I have to work on my WIP.

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