The Imagination Switch

It’s occurred to me that I’m not an agile thinker. When I write, I have to be completely immersed in my imagination. That is, if I want to produce my best writing, of course. It helps when my senses are immersed as well. For example; seeing snow outside, feeling the brush of silk against my skin, hearing whispering gusts of wind, smelling hints of sandalwood in the air, tasting warm honey on my tongue, etc.

When I’m totally immersed, that’s when I love writing the most…because I feel like I’m in another world.

But realistically, I find it very difficult to immerse myself on the fly. For instance, I have an hour lunch break at work. From buying my lunch to actually eating it, I would’ve taken 25-30 minutes already. That only leaves me with half an hour. Now, in the past, I would be able to churn out maybe 500 words in half an hour. Nowadays, it takes me the same amount of time just to “immerse myself” in the writing mood.

After I get off work and get home, I have to take care of dinner and sometimes laundry, along with my almost three-year-old. It’s extremely hard for me to get into the “write” frame of mind whenever my daughter is running amuck in the house. So realistically speaking, the only time I can write when I get home from work is when I’ve put my daughter to sleep at around 9 or 10 PM. At that time, however, I’m exhausted.


Maybe I can eat at work and then take my hour break? If that works out, then I can, at best, crunch out around 1,000 words in an hour. Even if it’s only 500 words per day, it’s better than nothing.

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