Letting the characters drive the story

Lately I’ve been working on The Exoneiric. I had gone on a break because I was hospitalized last year and then I got a new job earlier this year. When I came back to writing, I got all the way up to Chapter 10. Though, as I continued to write, I knew I wasn’t happy with how the story was developing. I felt like it was missing something.

So…I started over. Not completely, but almost. I modified Chapter 1 a bit according to a few critiques I received. I modified the plot so that the characters are in the front seat, so to speak, driving the story. Characterization was never my strong suit but I’m learning as I go. As of now, I’m working on Chapter 6.

Some days it’s a struggle because either the world or the character’s themselves elude me. And that’s what I’m working hard on now—world-building and characterization. I don’t force myself to write anymore because whenever I do that, my writing suffers terribly. For now, my muse switches between a slow burn and a raging fire. So long as the flame is lit, I’m happy. 🙂

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