Working on three different WIPs

These past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on three different stories. Two of them are set in the Akhirian world, and one is set in the real world where I actually used to live once. I find that working on multiple WIPs keeps me engaged.

While my mind is trying to solve the mystery of the next chapter, I’m on another story actively continuing the story where it’s left off. For some reason, that’s how I seem to work best. I also began outlining chapters with the intention of establishing five key points:

1) Seamless continuation + Exposition
2) Action + Plot forwarding
3) Conflict + Plot forwarding
4) Ideas for next chapter
5) Tension & Hook

Also, in other news, I’ve downloaded a trial of Scrivener. I didn’t like it before but now… I like it! I think I’m going to purchase it as I’m tired of Word. I love Word but right now I really need to organize my scattered thoughts, because that’s the only way I’ll move forward in my writing at this point, and Scrivener allows me to do that better than Word.


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